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Mark Pol

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    Artistique Life of Mark Pol I was born in The Hague. Now I live in Amsterdam. I had no artistic influence. My parents were poor and could not pay a formal academic study in the Arts. At that time I knew nothing about art. I have just my own fantasy. I am a dreamer who never wants to wake up, but I did when I grew up. I learned on the Free Academy of Art during evening studies to work with Oil on canvas. Drawing with charcoal on paper. Why? Because I was formally trained in those techniques at that time. I speak about half way the Sixties. I received formal training on the Free Academy of Art in the evening in The Hague. On the Photo academy also during the evening I learned to make photos. I worked always alone. I am a loner then and I am still now. Want to have my dreams and work them out into whatever I think is useful and won’t have it disturbed by other artists. I never won prizes only once in awhile a small recognition i.e.: USA Press release Upstream People Gallery Mark Pol receives International recognition with his artwork "Threaded Desire" USA Press Release Four Points Contemporary Award of excellence Mark Pol Award of Merit Mark Pol In the mean time I work, just work and try to make my art as my thoughts are telling me. Thoughts about our human existence and our failures as humans. Maybe it comes from my family who were scattered all over Europe. There were beaten and killed in WW II. They flew but in vain. They were murdered in camps with unthinkable cruelty. So my past and my roots has forced me, maybe formed me to make this kind of art. Past exhibitions in, to mention some: Amsterdam (NL) Several times and markets Amstelveen (NL) Bussum (NL)Several times Haarlem (NL) Maassluis (NL) Naarden (NL) Hilversum (NL) Laren (NL) Schijndel (NL) Delft (NL) Several times Deventer (NL) Eindhoven (NL) Bergen (NL) Several times Nieuwkoop (NL) Several times Arnhem (NL) Antwerp (Belgium) Tongeren (Belgium) Several times Athens (Greece) Altea (Spain) London (UK) Several times Northampton (UK) Several times Westbourne (UK) Karlsruhe (Germany) Hamburg (Germany) Triberg (Germany) Several times Basel (Swiss) Zurich (Swiss) Steinbach/Steyr (Austria) Wenen (Austria) Budweiss (Czechoslovakia) Venice (Italy) Sienna (Italy) Villacidro (Sardinie) (Italy) Paris (France) Several times New York (USA) Several times Hudson (USA) Chicago (USA) Alief, Texas (USA) Omaha (USA) Los Angeles (USA) Miami (USA) Several times Calcutta (India) Exhibitions to come (planned) And also in several other cities.


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