Serge Spaans

Serge Spaans

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    Safety Point Coatings is an application and distribution company that has been active for several years in applying and distribute protective coatings from the nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is seen as the great promise of the future. It offers many possibilities in terms of cleaning and protection. The Safety Point Nano Coatings provides a major cost savings on maintenance, long service life of materials and saves you money by mid-term, sustained and environmentally harmful cleaning unnecessary. The series products Safety Point Coatings on nanotechnology consists of various types, including transparent slip , transparent anti-graffiti coating, etc. . for Safety Point Coatings provides include: Maintenance in the broadest sense with biodegradable products and the latest technologies. Improve the general hygiene thanks to our revolutionary self-cleaning coatings. Maintenance-free advantage of facades, boats, garden furniture etc... Permanent removal and prevention from pollution, graffiti, fungi, mosses and other microorganisms.



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