James Kass

James Kass

CEO Enablance GmbH & Director James R Kass Space Consulting

Currently employed at Enablance GmbH

Previous: European Space Agency, Directorate of Technical & Quality Management, European Space Agency, Directorate of Telecommunications & Integrated Applications, European Space Agency, Directorate of Human Space Flight


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    NOTE: For more detaied and current updated information please go to my website: www.kass-space.com Dr Kass, director of James R Kass Space consulting is a physicist with a multi-disciplinary career in nuclear physics, neurophysiology, psychology, human spaceflight, space medicine and telemedicine, space technology, and knowledge management, to mention a few domains. He has spent about a third of his approximately 36-year professional career, respectively in academia, industry, and with the European Space Agency. After a period of research in nuclear physics, Dr Kass carried out research in Neuro-physiology and space medicine, working on two Spacelab missions. Following this he worked for the aerospace industry in the sectors of space operations, tele-medical research, artificial intelligence, and human behaviour. He has worked intimately with cosmonauts of the Russian Salyut and MIR space stations, as well as with astronauts on Apollo programme, Skylab, Shuttle, and ISS; he was also deeply involved in ground operations during several space missions. Dr Kass has also worked with the EC, WHO, ITU in the domain of eHealth, and has been a member of a number of international and inter-governmental working groups. Dr. Kass' career has also been multi-national, having lived in 6 countries on 3 continents. He has had long experience working with international and national agencies, industrial and research institutions, in Europe, Asia, and N. America. Since 2000 Dr. Kass has been working in various directorates at ESA, covering human spaceflight, technology, integrated applications and on a DG taskforce. Dr. Kass has authored numerous publications and presentations at international scientific symposia, and has been invited to give key-note speeches and presentations at universities, trade fares, and industrial platforms, and chair international symposia. Dr Kass' goal is to share his long experience to contribute towards harnessing innovative technologies towards serving the needs of an increasingly global world in challenging times.


CEO, Director

At Enablance GmbH

From 2011 to Present
Our main mission is offering a unique solution to the problems of Data Privacy across all domains of application and Big Data.

Senior Engineer & Scientist

At European Space Agency, Directorate of Technical & Quality Management

From 2010 to 2012
Knowledge Management & Lessons Learned

Senior Engineer, Marketing & Awareness

At European Space Agency, Directorate of Telecommunications & Integrated Applications

From 2008 to 2010
I was a member of the DG Task Force to set up the Integrated Applications Promotion programme, which facilitated utilizing ESA space infrastructure to introduce innovative services. I then helped set up the programme with marketing and awareness campaigns.

Senior Engineer & Scientist

At European Space Agency, Directorate of Human Space Flight

From 2000 to 2008
I was responsible for various activities including: - Flight and Ground Safety for biomedical experiments - Astronaut crew procedures and training - Commercialization of human spaceflight services - Telemedicine and eHealth (collaboration with and founding member of Telemedicine Alliance with...
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University Of Leeds, Leeds

PhD, Physics

From 1972 to 1978
Doctoral thesis: Search for the e/3 quarks (building blocks of matter) in Extensive Cosmic Ray Air Showers

St Andrews School, Alexandria

Ordinary Level, St Andrews School

From 1951 to 1962
Equivalent to Oxford & Cambridge Ordinary-Level examination.

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