Angelica Pastorelli

Angelica Pastorelli

CEO, Angie's Diary | Online Magazine

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    Angie's Diary | Online Magazine

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    Angie’s Diary | Online Magazine
    News and entertainment web site that combines original stories and essays with news on art, politics, technology, culture, and copy writing.

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    About Angie:

    I’m Angie, CEO and co-founder of Angie’s DIARY. This e-zine is my ultimate frontier.
    Over the past years my passion for writing and managing Angie’s DIARY, in addition to supporting my dear friends and colleagues in accomplishing the best possible results for their work, has increased exponentially. The main reason is your iridescently positive feedback that has been second to none!

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    Tell me about your dreams and matters of the heart?
    Registration for our BASIC Account is free – check out our VIP Account if you are taking your writing vocation seriously. Publishers can obtain a Publishing Account.

    I really hope you’ll participate wholeheartedly in our rapid growing community.

    Respectfully yours,